Behaviour Code Of Conduct

Take Part

All participants who take part in our projects and activities have the right to:

Feel valued
Feel safe, happy and secure
Play, create and take part fully in all activities without the threat of disruption or negative comments/ feedback
Be respected, valued and listened to and feel confident to know who to speak to and that everyone will be treated fairly and with sensitivity

The following behaviour will NOT be tolerated at the Academy or on our projects:

Use of obscene language
Bullying and mean teasing

Respect yourself – Be on time, join in to the best of your ability, use feedback to improve your performance, be polite to staff and participants, no swearing, do not use your mobile phone whilst in sessions, bring sensible snacks and water, no drugs, alcohol or energy drinks.

Respect others – Listen, don’t interrupt, co-operate, no shouting, no bullying, no aggressive or violent behaviour, do not disturb other classes, respect other peoples’ opinions, attend all sessions.

Respect the building – Respect staff, tidy up after yourself, no graffiti, no chewing gum, no running, wear correct footwear, follow health and safety guidelines and report any damages or dangers to staff.

Theatre Royal Wakefield reserves the right to remove any participant at any time without warning from its sessions if it feels that the behaviour or conduct of that participant is not conducive to the working environment or to the progress of other participants. Minor issues will be addressed quickly and consistently

We run a ‘three strikes’ policy for disruptive, dangerous or repeated incidents of mean behaviour as well as bullying, as follows:

1. If a participant is being disruptive, dangerous or mean (on repeated occasions) or bullying the Behaviour Lead will be informed and parents will be notified. They will be made aware the incident is serious enough to be considered a ‘warning’ at which point a note will be made on record.

2. If a student is continuing to be problematic in any way parents will be notified and the Behaviour Lead and parents will speak to the student together, with a final warning about behaviour and a positive agreement template will be completed (please see below).

3. If a student has been reported for a third time, they will be instantly dismissed, without recourse or refund.

We will follow the three strikes policy where possible but we reserve the right to remove any participant at any time without warning from its sessions if we are concerned about the safety of the individual or other participants or staff.