Relaxed Performances are designed as an informal theatre environment.

These performances have quieter sound levels and some lights left on in the auditorium.

They are specifically designed with for people with an autistic spectrum condition, learning disability, sensory or communication disorder, but of course, everyone is welcome at all of our performances.

Performances of this kind may also be suitable for some families with young children and any audience members that may sometimes need to move around during a performance.

Our upcoming Relaxed Performances are:

Commonly asked Questions

In what way is the performance different?

The relaxed performance is the same show but there are some small changes. The house lights will be kept on at a low level throughout the performance and the music and sound effect volume is turned down. The show will be adapted to reduce any sudden changes in noise and sound.

I might need to leave the theatre during the show, is there anywhere I can go?

Of course. Our Walker Studio space is available to use if a quiet ‘break out’ space is needed during the performance. You can go in and out of here as much as you need to.

Is the building accessible to wheelchair users and those with limited mobility?

Yes, we have ramped access to the Matcham auditorium via the box office on Westgate that leads straight into the stalls seating area. The Walker Studio is fully accessible for wheelchair users, We have several wheelchair spaces available that can be requested over the phone or at the box office when making a booking.

Is there disabled parking near the theatre?

Yes. Disabled parking in available at Unity House car park across the road.

Can I still attend the performance if I don’t have any of the requirements described above?

Everybody is welcome to attend the show. Please ensure that you are aware of the nature of a relaxed performance before you book your tickets.

If you have any questions before coming to the theatre, please contact Janine Heseltine on 01924 330065 or

On the day, the stewards will be more than happy to help with any queries.